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Incident List Sources:

1 - Key reference: Antony Farrington (AF) Total Period.

2 - National Register Archive (NRA) Total Period.

3 - Hardy Register (HR)  1700 to 1809.

Many of these losses are mentioned in the ‘Hardy Register of Ships’.  Details of each voyage, each season, are listed from 1760 to 1810. Leaving date and arrival home is recorded.  If there is no arrival a loss with some details appears in place of the arrival home. Note: No losses are recorded in 1810 because the ships would only have been expected to return 1811 or 1812.  Later in the register there is a list of 'losses' from 1700 to 1810, there is less detail and the information does not always mirror that in the Register.

4 - Andria Cordani;; Total Period

5 - Jean Sutton (JS) 1600 to 1832.

6 - Records of Fort St. George. c.1700 to c.1760


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21 - Caliban's Shore - The Wreck of the Grosvenor and the Strange Fate of the Survivors by Stephen Taylor. 2004

Reference Detail:

1 - Naval Discipline, Subordination Contrasted With, Insubordination; or, A View Of The Necessity For Passing A Law, Establishing An, Efficient Naval Discipline, On Board Ships, In The Merchant Service; Comprising, A Valuable Record, Of Occurrences On Board Various Ships; Evincing, The Advantages Arising From Good Order On The One Hand, And The Disasters Attending The Want Of It On The Other.  By Christopher Biden, (Late Commander of the Honourable East-India Company’s Ships Royal George and Princess Charlotte of Wales) LONDON:  J. M. Richardson, 23, Cornhill. 1830.

2 - The Asiatic Annual Register or A View of the History of Hindustan and of the Politics, Commerce And Literature of Asia for the Year 1799. LONDON: Printed For J. Debrett, Piccadilly, By Andrew Wilson, The Oriental Press, Wild Court. 1800. (Note: This Publication is To the Honourable Court of Directors of the United East India Company and is inscribed by the Proprietors. This particular one, 8th March 1800)

3 - The Despatches, Minutes & Correspondence of the Marquis Wellesley During His Administration in India, Robert Montgomery Martin, 5 Volumes.


General Index to Dodsley's 'Annual Register' from its Commencement in 1758 to the Year 1819.  LONDON: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy: 1826. [Predates the Times Newspaper]

Vol i = 1758 (1)

Vol x = 1767 (10)

Vol xv = 1772 (15)

Vol xx = 1777 (20)

Vol xxv = 1782 (25) Vol xxvii = 1784 & 1785 (27) Vol xxviii = 1786 (28) Vol xxxv = 1793 (35)
So on to xl = 1798 (40) Vol xlv = 1803 (45) Vol. XLIX (49) 1807 Vol l = 1808 (50)
Vol = lxi = 1819 (61)     Vol lv = 1813 (55)


5 - ABERCROMBY Full Ref. 

Comprehensive Gazetteer By the Rev. G. N. Wright. M.A. P.A. R.H.A. In four Volumes.  New and Comprehensive GAZETTEER being a Delineation of the Present State of the World, from the most recent authorities, arranged in Alphabetical Order, and Constituting a Systematic Dictionary of Geography.  Illustrated by a Series of Maps, forming a Complete Atlas and Engraved from the Latest Observations and Drawing of Modern Travelers. LONDON: Thomas Kelly, Paternoster Row.  M.DCCC.XXXIV.

6 - A New Account of the East Indies: Giving an Exact and Copious Description of the Situation, Product, Manufactures, Laws, Customs, Religion, Trade, &c. of All the Countries and Islands, which Lie Between the Cape of Good Hope and the Island of Japon; Interspersed with an Entertaining Relation Not Only of the Principal Events, which Happened During the Author's Thirty Years Residence in Those Parts; But Also of the Most Remarkable Occurrences and Revolutions in Those Vast Dominions for this Century Past; Comprehending Also Many Curious and Interesting Particulars Relating to Our Commerce with Those Countries, and the Affairs of the East India Company; Illustrated with Maps and Sculptures, Volume 1 & II by Alexander Hamilton 1723

7 - The Mariner's Chronicle; being a collection of the most interesting Narratives of Shipwrecks, Fires, Famines and other Calamities incident to A Life of Maritime Enterprise; With Authentic Particulars of The Extraordinary Adventures and Suffering of the Crews, their reception and Treatment on Distant Shores; and a concise description of the Country, Customs, and Manner of the Inhabitants:  Including an Account  of the Deliverance of the Survivors,  by Archibald Duncan Esq. Late of the Royal Navy.  In Four Volumes 1805.

8 - The Pirates of the Malabar and An Englishwoman in India Two Hundred Years Ago by Colonel John Biddulph: 1907.

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